Jon P.

Psoriatic Arthritis and Chronic Pain put into remission

"My husband suffered from severe, and I mean SEVERE psoriasis. While he had been in remission for many years, it came back 2 years ago with a vengeance. He was in excruciating pain and could not perform even basic tasks like tying his shoes.

We saw many dermatologists and all they had to offer was medication, bizarre treatments with tar cremes and no empathy. Prednisone was the only mediation that ever worked and the side effects and rebound made the cure worse than the disease.

Jodi’s Functional medicine approach to finding the CAUSE was crucial. We implemented her dietary changes and supplement additions. The lab tests she ordered provided the pathway to additional interventions with sound data and science. I am happy to report that John is pain-free and for the first time in 2 years and his psoriasis is 95% clear.

My husband was and is not the easiest patient! He does not share my love of healthy eating and Functional Medicine. In addition, he was depressed and discouraged by doctors cavalier treatment of his condition. They would spend 5 minutes with him and then say “let’s try this drug”.

Not only was Jodi empathetic and patient she went above and beyond to support us and consistently went the extra mile to make sure we were heard and getting what we needed. She was never judgmental if John wanted to try a new drug or didn’t follow every guideline to a T.

I am so very grateful for her expertise. But as important as the expertise is, that alone would not have helped. It was her genuine concern and caring that kept John committed to the treatment so that he could experience success."

With much gratitude,

Audrey Schnell, Ph.D.

Before and After

Beth C.

Fibromyalgia, Extreme Fatigue, Chronic Urticaria, Debilitating Migraines, GI issues and Insomnia in Remission. 90 pounds lost.

"After a decade of pain, sleeplessness, fatigue, depression and obesity, and being told this was 'normal' and 'nothing can be done' by my primary care doctor and numerous 'specialists', I found Jodi. I came to her burdened with extreme fatigue and joint pain from Fibromyalgia and Hashimoto's, daily debilitating migraines, Chronic Urticaria, and gastrointestinal issues. The pain in my body and the itching caused insomnia 4-5 nights a week. I was on multiple medications including daily doses of Vicodin, Zantac and antihistamine. Jodi, a true healer, had me feeling better quickly. Within just a few weeks, my migraines were gone. She then worked to discover the root cause of my ailments through testing and showed me how they were interconnected. Within a couple of months, my pain symptoms started to dissipate, my sleep was greatly improved and my energy level rose dramatically. I no longer need Vicodin for pain! I am now sleeping much better and my energy has increased enabling me to function in daily life. The cause(s) of the hives have been linked to certain foods which I now avoid and I'm off the Zantac. My gastrointestinal distress has dissipated and I no longer have blood sugar spikes and crashes. As a side-effect of getting healthy, to date I have shed 95 pounds, which is represented by my daughter in the 'after' picture. Jodi is very professional with a great personality. By working closely with me she found the missing pieces I had been struggling with to help me solve my health puzzle."

Before and After

Patty L.

Patty: Arthritis and Gut issues in remission. 40 pounds lost

Ed: Type 2 Diabetes, Gout, hypertension reversed. 50 pounds lost

"Ed was overweight, Type II Diabetes, Gout, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and although a strong man, he felt exhausted at the end of every day. I was overweight and suffered from arthritis and gut issues. We decided to do it together.
We began working with Jodi in September and together we've lost approximately 90 pounds and we're still going.
Ed's diabetic and gout medications have been discontinued. He's lowered his cholesterol level too!
The calls with Jodi were educational, supported, celebratory and encouraging. Jodi helped Ed and I to adapt to a lifestyle that we can maintain, a healthy lifestyle that will afford us the ability to enjoy another 30 years together.
Jodi is the real thing. Place your trust in her, commit to working with her and I'm confident you will celebrate the new you!!!"

Before and After (Ed and Pat are on the left and right of the first picture)

Tony C.

Allergies, ADHD and mood issues reversed

Interview with his mother. Reversed his allergies, mood issues and ADHD in 3 months

Sammy F.

Anxiety and panic reversed

"After experiencing anxiety for years on end, I decided to do something about it. I am now a freshmen in college and my mom found Jodi and she introduced me to her. Over the past two months, Jodi has helped me eliminate my anxiety and make me feel so much better. I made some dietary changes and took the targeted supplements she recommended and its been the best thing to reduce my anxiety. I recommend anyone who is struggling with anxiety or panic attacks to talk to Jodi because she changed my life in a positive stress-free way."

Anonymous 4-Year-Old Client

Vitiligo in full remission

6 months progress repigmenting vitiligo (the autoimmune skin condition that Michael Jackson had). Shown on the right are the client's knees during Halloween 2017, and on the left are the client's knees now.

Sara G.

Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, high cholesterol and chronic joint pain reversed. 75 pounds lost

"I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in March of 2018. Along with that news I found that my blood pressure was high, my cholesterol was high, my liver enzymes were elevated, and I had chronic joint pain. I was also very overweight. I was frustrated and disappointed in myself. As a busy mom to 5 young kids, I was failing at taking care of myself. I decided that that needed to change! I contacted Jodi in April of 2018. I was looking for someone to guide me in fixing my issues instead of just treating the symptoms. I wanted to make sure that I was in the right path to regain my health. With Jodi’s help, I am happy to say that I have lost 75lbs, put my type 2 into remission, and reversed every negative health marker. My blood pressure is a healthy 108/67, and my A1C was been reduced from 6.8 to 4.6. My goal was to reverse my diabetes and not only did I accomplish that, I also regained my happiness and my ability to be an active, healthy mom!"

Andrea C.

Type 2 Diabetes, Dermatitis, Acid Reflux Reversed.

"Fibromyalgia, hypertension, high cholesterol, stomach issues, and finally a diagnosis of diabetes II forced me to want to make healthy choices in an effort to reduce prescriptions. Simply reducing food intake was not making the difference I wanted to see. Working with Jodi opened my eyes to the fact that eliminating some foods might solve some health issues. She was right and so far my body weight is reduced by 20 lbs, sugar numbers are below the diabetic range, and not one bout of acid reflux in months! Jodi is understanding, knowledgeable, and on target for how the body reacts to foods and lifestyle. I cannot rave enough about my progress because of 'Coach Jodi'."

Before and After

Bruce G.

Vitiligo in remission

"It's unusual in life to find someone that walks the talk. That provides support and guidance, that gives of themselves and their time, who cares deeply and demonstrates that care through action which leads to measurable results. I found that person in Jodi Franklin. I found Jodi by chance, perhaps by luck, or maybe even through divine intervention if so inclined to believe in that which I do. I was at my lowest point in my 54 years, not feeling well physically, dealing with intestinal/digestive issues and if that wasn't bad enough, vitiligo (an autoimmune skin condition that makes your skin lose its pigment). Throughout the months of my relationship and partnership with Jodi, she had been a source of strength, of guidance, of support, and nutritional and life wisdom. She has helped me immensely and tremendously and put me on the path to recovery. My digestive symptoms have completely subsided and my pigment is 50% better through a combination of lifestyle change, gut healing, smarter food choices and some skin therapy. I offer my strongest ever recommendation of Jodi Franklin. She truly is an angel."

Before and After

Martha G.

Type 2 Diabetes Reversed. 20 lbs. lost

"I was overweight, felt lethargic all the time and was very frustrated trying to manage my Type 2 diabetes. I was diagnosed 3 years ago and became insulin dependent this past year. After working with Jodi for the past six months, I have reversed my Type 2 diabetes. In fact, I was able to stop injecting insulin after just two months and I am no longer on any medication. To date, I have lost over 20 pounds and I feel the best physically and mentally that I can ever remember. I have gained so much knowledge about my health and learned so much about myself during this journey. If you are sick and tired of managing your health problems with medication that can have awful side effects then you should reach out to Jodi. I am so glad I did!"

Before and After

Rebecca C.

SIBO in remission

"I've had problems with my gut as far back as I can remember - it became a fact of life, so I came to Jodi skeptical. Coming out of the problems I was having with her support is amazing, but I think the greatest gift she gave me was education. It was like an extreme college course in self care and nutrition - I think so much differently now about the food I eat, and the food my family eats. I understand the effects of certain foods on my body and how to recognize inflammation and now I know what to do if/when my SIBO returns. Jodi was relentless in getting to a diagnosis and providing me with the tools (diet plan) to prevent it. She's incredibly knowledgeable and was a partner and advocate in this process. Thank you Jodi!"

Melissa P.

Allergies in remission. 20 lbs. lost

"(Your allergy reversing protocol is) really working for me, basically! I'm so ecstatic! Today - I was NOT - RED FACED, tight chested, wheezing, unable to get my breath, eyes itchy and watering... I actually felt pretty good and had a decent pace. Jogged 'to the tree' then kept jogging to the next spot, kept jogging... then walked a bit. I am shocked and amazed, basically (that my symptoms are gone)! Very excited. Anyway - wanted to share. Thank you for helping me, because without your help - this would have never happened... I hope it continues. I still have my meds and I'll take them when it feels appropriate... WAY WAY better than EVERY DAY!"

Chrissy C.

GI issues and chronic bloating resolved

"Jodi is the best! She will be there every step of the way to (help heal) her clients. She not only is highly knowledgeable she has determination and patience to guide you ( which is something I learned the hard way I really needed!) When I started this journey I had major GI upset and vitamin deficiencies; we had a whole list! None of which traditional doctors seemed to care about and consistently told me I’m fine! I was not fine! ... I learned how to eat and what to eat, how to listen to my body, learned why I had certain autoimmune reactions to things...I am very grateful and can’t wait to get to the finish line! So trust the process. She will get you feeling better :)"

Before and After

Client With Psoriasis

Increased energy and vitality

This client has put her psoriasis, headaches, and diverticulitis into remission.

Courtney C.

Reversed Anxiety

"I want to THANK YOU for changing my life!!! I feel better now than I have ever felt even as a child. My mind is clear, my energy is always good. I have more patience and peace in my life. I wish everyone could feel this way."

Gabriella U.

GI issues resolved

"I am so glad to have found Jodi as my functional medicine Provider. For almost a decade, I had struggled with multiple GI problems and being a Nurse practitioner, was so frustrated with my self and my doctors... (It was) the not the healing I needed despite all the expensive tests until I found Jodi. In a few months, I was already getting healing with my symptoms. The patience and the whole general approach she used for me was so different than I had seen with any practitioner. I will highly recommend her if you are looking for lasting solution to any medical problems you have, you will definitely not be disappointed!"

Bill M.

Increased energy and vitality

"We've been putting in +12-13K steps working 12-14 hrs each day at altitude of 8500 feet. I'm feeling great. Thanks for helping this 59 year old be healthy."


Vitiligo 60% repigmented

"I spent four years searching for help with my actively spreading vitiligo, and over that time period countless doctors told me the best they could do was to prescribe steroid creams and expensive light treatments - but even then, they said, I was not to expect any repigmentation in the areas where the patches were worst. They never tried to get to the underlying issues, simply saying the causes of vitiligo are unknown. Finding Jodi was like a breath of fresh air. She was confident that we could indeed find the underlying issues at the root of my disease - and solve them in order to achieve repigmentation. I now have pigment returning to my largest white spots. Jodi was able to identify (and correct) a number of other significant health concerns for me as well - her knowledge of nutrition and it’s profound effect on our bodies is vast. I highly recommend working with her."

Abby S.

"There is a saying that no one cares about how much you know until they know how much you care. Jodi, thank you for caring- really caring- about my health and well-being; what a great place to start! And thank you for sharing your immense knowledge to help me on my journey to vibrant health. I'm so very grateful!"

Adriana F.

"I cannot thank you enough for all you're doing to help me get and feel better, you're definitely go the extra mile and beyond, I'm very lucky and fortunate I found you!"

Sally S.

"Thank you for all your expert TLC, and extra help with (my son). You are phenomenal at this and are helping people to make enormous life-changing strides. I'm so impressed with the vast amount of information you've absorbed and can communicate so well and lovingly. Thank you with all my heart!"

Rikki S.

"Jodi's approach is fantastic, and refreshing. She is a wealth of knowledge and is educating me for a lifetime. Jodi helped me figure out my food sensitivities and is so compassionate while guiding me through the process. Within four sessions of working with Jodi I am more energetic, feeling so much better, and enjoying life more all because of Jodi's inspiring and sensible help. I am now healthier, slimmer, and can also cook delicious nutritious meals! Thank you Jodi."

Jenn D.

Skin issues, insomnia and anxiety reversed

"I began seeing Jodi after getting a bad bug in Mexico. I was experiencing anxiety, sleeplessness, and skin issues. She gathered a full picture of what was going on and designed a personalized treatment plan for me. 4 months later and I am feeling SO much better. She is a kind, compassionate, and dedicated practitioner who I'd recommend to anyone."